Our team brings more than 100 collective years experience designing, implementing and responding to regulatory frameworks around Australia and overseas.



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Executive Director

+61 408 066 960

Tim is the founder and Executive Director of URA.  Tim has almost 20 years of experience providing strategic regulatory advice to network businesses (both public and private sector), economic regulators and governments around Australia and overseas.  Most recently, Tim was the Director in charge of KPMG’s national water regulation practice, as well as KPMG lead to the Victorian water sector.


During his career, Tim has:

  • advised regulators on reforming economic regulation to deliver better customer value;

  • advised government departments on structural reform and commercialisation of assets;

  • advised on the planning, development, review and defence of regulatory submissions;

  • performed independent reviews of regulatory proposals (i.e. capex, opex, demand etc.)

  • provided economic and commercial analysis of options;

  • developed and successfully implemented tariff reform; and

  • developed and implemented successful customer engagement strategies.




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Mark’s primary goal is to promote the advancement of regulatory good practice.


He has over 20 years experience advising businesses on how to operate effectively and actively participate in their regulatory environments and both regulators and government on how to achieve practicable and sound regulatory outcomes. His advice ranges from technical issues (such as, demand and expenditure forecasting and regulatory finance and modelling) through to strategic advice such as the development of regulatory frameworks.


Mark delivers accurate and principled advice in ‘plain English’.



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Strategic Advisor

For over 20 years, Dr Ron Ben-David served in the Victorian Public Service across a diverse range of senior policy, regulatory and administrative roles.


As the chair of the Essential Services Commission (2008-19), he drove wide-ranging regulatory reforms across numerous sectors.


Ron was the architect and driving force behind the internationally recognised PREMO model of price regulation for the Victorian water industry.


Ron is widely known for his lateral and strategic thinking. His ability to reframe old problems in new ways supports businesses to focus on delivering greater value to their consumers and communities.



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Technical Specialist

David provides strategy, infrastructure, planning and advisory services to Government, Corporates and NGOs on how to better manage their infrastructure for an economic, social and environmentally sustainable future.


David has specific experience in providing independent expert economic and technical assessment for both due diligence and regulatory reviews.


David has been the lead technical adviser for many of Australia's regulators during their expenditure reviews and has provided similar technical, economic and strategic advice to regulators and utility businesses across Australia.



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Regulatory Economist

Courtney is an economic regulatory consultant with 10 years experience working with regulated entities and regulators. With a background in law and commerce, Courtney is an expert at assisting utilities to understand and implement regulatory frameworks, and develop customer-led regulatory submissions that meet the needs of the utility, its customers and its owner.

Most recently Courtney was the senior regulatory specialist at South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water) and was instrumental in developing and implementing economic regulation in South Australia, refining the regime, developing and implementing South Australia’s pioneer Third Party Access regime in water and moving South Australia towards a more customer-led form of economic regulation.

Courtney and her team led the implementation of the first Customer Negotiation Committee to be instrumental in a water revenue determination in Australia. 



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With a keen interest in economic regulation, Jason regularly advises governments, economic regulators and a number of large utilities in the water and energy sectors. Jason has worked on regulatory strategy and reform; the development, submission and defence of regulatory pricing submissions, commercial and economic analysis, tariff design; customer engagement and the development and assessment of expenditure and demand forecasts.


Prior to joining Utilities Regulation Advisory, Jason spent two years with KPMG in the Utilities, Policy and Regulation team and three years with the Essential Services Commission in Melbourne where he was involved in the establishment of the PREMO pricing framework and the 2018 water price review.


URA's team members have overseen significant engagements for utility providers, economic regulators, government departments and industry stakeholders, for nearly two decades.  Please click on each item for further information and support documentation.


Advice to a number of water businesses in the development of their price submissions

  • Melbourne Water’s 2021 price submission (to be lodged in November 2020)
  • SA Water's 2020, 2016 and 2012 Regulatory Business Plans
  • Goulburn Murray Water’s 2020 price submission (all proposals accepted in full)
  • South East Water’s 2018 price submission (achieving an advanced rating under PREMO, fast-track status and all proposals accepted in full)
  • Yarra Valley Water’s 2018 price submission (achieving an advanced rating under PREMO, fast-track status and all proposals accepted in full)
  • Barwon Water’s 2018 price submission (achieving an advanced rating under PREMO, and the acceptance of BW’s capex forecast in full)
  • Goulburn Valley Water’s 2018 price submission (achieving a leading rating under PREMO)
  • TasWater’s 2018 Price and Service Plan
  • Sydney Water Price Review 2020

Tariff deisgn and implementation

​​​​​Barwon Water - Review of water tariff options to support BW's 2023 price submission Confidential - Review of wastewater tariff options, including pedestal based charging, sewage disposal charging, unit based charging and capital value based charging TasWater - Review of Industrial trade waste tariff reform options Thought Leadership - Tariff reform to support the rollout of digital meters Central Highlands Water - Review of options to support a negotiated new customer contributions framework Goulburn Murray Water - Supported the development of tariff reform options to support the 2020 price submission Sydney Water - Review of IPART's Issues Paper on Developer Charges

Advice to regulators during price reviews

  • Essential Services Commission
  • Queensland Competition Authority
  • Essential Services Commission (VIC) Expenditure Reviews – lead capex reviewer (Western Water 2020, South Gippsland Water 2020, Central Highlands Water 2018, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water 2018, Lower Murray Water 2018, Wannon Water 2018, Melbourne Water 2016)
  • Essential Services Commission (VIC) PREMO / Fastrack Assessments for 2018 Price Review (all water businesses)
  • Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (NSW) Expenditure Reviews - Sydney Water (2008, 2015), Gosford & Wyong Councils (2006), State Water Corporation (2006)
  • Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ACT) Expenditure Reviews - Independent Review of ICRC’s Revenue Model (2018), Review of Icon Water’s Capital and Operating Expenditure (2017), Review of Enlarged Cotter Dam Water Security Project (2010), Review of ACT Water Security Measures (2008)
  • Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator Expenditure Reviews - TasWater Expenditure Review (2017)
  • Economic Regulation Authority (WA) Expenditure Reviews (Aqwest 2017, Busselton Water 2017, Water Corporation 2017)

Economic and commercial options analysis

  • Confidential – Review of a utility’s operating model including options for improving business performance
  • City West Water – in partnership with GHD, technical and commercial options assessment of the Altona Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Melbourne Water – Funding and financing options for the delivery of stormwater infrastructure in the Fishermans Bend development
  • Confidential - Options assessment regarding one of Australia’s large wastewater assets, the development of different options for site use, economic assessment of those options and customer impact analysis
  • Yarra Valley Water – Peer review of Business Case for the accelerated roll out of digital meters
  • South East Water – Peer review of the Digital Utility Business Case against Essential Service Commission and Department of Treasury and Finance requirements

Regulatory Reform

  • Confidential - Advised a client on opporutnities to strengthen a state-based economic regulatory framework in water, through stronger financial and reputational incentives linked to delivery of customer outcomes
  • Essential Services Commossion - Involvement in the design and implementation of the "PREMO" framework
  • Essential Services Commission - Application of the UK’s energy RIIO reforms to the Victorian water sector, and potential changes to the form of price regulation. These reforms focus on outputs for customers, and incentivise businesses to maximise efficiencies and to undertake for meaningful engagement with customers on pricing proposals.
  • Australian Energy Regulator - Review of the CCP - Summary Report (January 2020)
  • Australian Energy Regulator - Review of the CCP - Appendices to Report (January 2020)
  • Australian Energy Regulator - Design and undertake pilot VCR residential and business customer surveys, and prepare a report summarising findings and recommendations ( link);
  • Australian Energy Regulator -Design and undertake main VCR residential, business and direct connect customer surveys, and prepare a report outlining results and findings (link)