Supporting the delivery of sustainable utility services that maximise community value




Utilities Regulation Advisory (URA) provides a broad cross section of regulatory skillsets across multiple sectors.  Our background includes working for:

  • water, electricity and gas network service providers;

  • for national and state-based economic regulators;

  • Government departments in the development, testing and implementation of policy and economic reform;

  • rule makers;

  • private sector service providers seeking third party access or to establish stand-alone service provision; and

  • well-known, reputable regulatory economics advisory firms.

URA can help navigate complex and potentially competing stakeholder issues to find practicable solutions that strike the right balance between regulatory and commercial realities.

  • We are independent. Our advice is rigorous and objective.

  • We focus on outcomes, applying our expertise to provide advice that is relevant to each client’s situation.

  • We have a leading track record and deep sector experience.



URA was established in 2020.  Our purpose is to support the delivery of sustainable utility services that maximise community value.  We strongly believe that it is a network service provider's responsibility to be a local leader, and to support healthy and prosperous communities.

We believe in working side-by-side with our clients, providing rigorous, objective and fact-based advice that is practical, transparent and meaningful to you and your stakeholders.  We focus on providing fit-for-purpose advisory services to achieve your priorities.

Our team brings over 80 collective years in the design, implementation and response to, state based and national regulatory frameworks.

Regulatory Price Submissions

Our team members have supported utilities across a range of sectors in the planning, development, defence and review of their proposals for price reviews. Our experience ranges from project managing the entire proposal work program through to drafting support, the development of technical papers and independent review/assurance services. In the last 5 years, our team advised on more than 20 separate price reviews.

Economic & Commercial Analysis

URA’s team has a strong history in providing economic analysis, advising on microeconomic reform and supporting major projects in the water sector. URA provides a balance of rigorous economic analysis based in first principles and practical advice that can be understood and acted on by ‘non-regulatory’ staff. Our team has also advised infrastructure owners/operators, and stakeholders interested in purchasing regulated network assets, on approaches to maximising value from those assets and/or minimising risk.

Regulatory Economics & Strategy

Our team members have played a central role in the development and administration of regulatory frameworks around Australia (e.g. the development of the Victorian PREMO assessment framework and the role of the Consumer Challenge Panel).

Expenditure & Demand Forecasting / Review

URA’s team members are one of the market leaders in the development, defence and review of expenditure and demand forecasts. Our team members have supported both regulated businesses in the design and review of forecasts for submission to regulators and supported economic regulators in undertaking these reviews during price resets.

Tariff Design

URA’s team has considerable experience in tariff design, working for water businesses, policy makers, regulators and private parties. Our team has developed models to run different pricing scenarios and test customer impacts. We provide a balance between alignment with first principles, best meeting the requirements of the regulatory framework and sending signals that customers can understand and respond to.

Regulatory Modelling & Review

Our team members have designed, built and reviewed water and wastewater pricing models, to support the establishment of prices, and to support regulatory pricing submissions. This has included customer impact analysis of changes to prices, scenario analysis to understand pricing outcomes when flexing certain assumptions and impacts on financials.

Regulatory Due Diligence

Our team have advised both asset owners and investors regarding the sale/purchase of regulated assets, and its interactions with the regulatory framework. This includes understanding opportunities for maximising value and minimising risk. We help asset owners/investors understand the construct of the regulatory framework, how it operates, likely trends in regulatory reform and opportunities for improvement.


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